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28-11-2012 Launching of new website

Manappuram Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd launched new website in the domain


Claim Management

Individuals and business take insurance cover as protection against contingent losses. When such contingencies arise unexpectedly and lead to losses as a result, the insured would logically make claims to the insurance company for compensation in line with the terms of the insurance policy.

The insurance company would accept or refute the claim only after a detailed process of enquiry and assessment both in terms of its validity as well as the amount to be paid. Claims management in an involved process that includes the services of insurance company officials, surveyors (both company employed as well as independent), assessors, loss adjusters, medical practitioners etc.

An individual or a business might need the help of an expert to help them navigate through the maze of formalities that might follow a claims request to the insurance company.

MAIBRO is a professional broking outfit with strong linkages with insurance companies. In the event of an adverse circumstance that leads to an insurance claim, we are always at the ready to offer our services to ensure that your claims processing is smooth and hassle free. We will use every resource at our disposal to ensure speedy payments.