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28-11-2012 Launching of new website

Manappuram Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd launched new website in the domain


Money Insurance

Money Insurance

Money Insurance Policy is available to protect your business establishment against loss of Money in Transit whilst being carried by an authorized representative by robbery, hold up or any other fortuitous cause.
Money in premises during or after business hours - in safe

Apart from the above, it also cover:

Loss of or damage to your Safe, Strong room or Cash boxes or franking machines or cash bag or waist coat when such are used for the 'carriage of Money subject to a maximum of Rs. 10,000

Loss of personal Money or damage to clothing and personal effects of your Director or employee subject to a maximum of Rs.5000


Shortage due to error or omission
Loss of Money and/or damage to property entrusted to any other person
Loss where you or your authorized representative is involved as principal or accessory except loss due to framing by cash carrying person (reported within 48"hours)
Loss occurring on the Premises after business hours if cash has not been kept in a locked Safe or Strong room
Loss occasioned by Riot, Strike and Terrorist Activity
Money carried under contract of affrieghtment
Theft of Money from an unattended vehicle
War, nuclear risks and orders of public authority
Damage caused by wear & tear and depreciation
Consequential loss of any kind
Loss of Money and/or other property abstracted from safe following the use of key to the said safe or any duplicate thereof belonging to you unless such key has been obtained by force.

You Must Note:

That a proper accounting record be kept at your end which we can inspect, this record and the duplicate keys be kept safely away from the safe or strong room where the money is kept
The premium is calculated on estimated annual carryings for money in transit for money in safe it is calculated on limit of any one loss