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28-11-2012 Launching of new website

Manappuram Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd launched new website in the domain


Jeweller's Block Insurance

Jeweller's Block Insurance
Jewelers Block Policy is available to protect against
   ·Stocks (gold, diamonds, etc in showcase, display windows, safe/strong room, insured premises
   ·Property in custody of insured, partners, employees, directors, constituted attorney
   ·Property in Transit by Airfreight, Angadia, Registered Post/parcel
   ·Building & other contents
   ·Fixed Glass and Sanitary Fitting
   ·Personal Accident for insured, Partners and employee
   ·Public Liability-Accidental injury, death to other than insured/his family & accidental damage to property
   · WC-under Fatal Accident Act/WC Act for employee
   ·Money in transit/in premises as per limits
   ·Computer, fax machine and their parts/ accessories & data carrying material
   ·Neon/illuminated signs
   ·Hoardings installed on insured premises
   ·Trade equipments

·Inventory loss
·Damage to property at public exhibition
·Theft or disappearance of property
·Depreciation, gradual, deteriation , wear and tear, moth, vermin, mildew
·Damage by theft or attempted theft committed by family members employee, custodians
·Damage following the use of key to safe or any duplicate keys
·Damage to property insured whilst in window display
·Damage to property whilst worn or used
·Damage to property while it is being worked upon.

You Must Note
·Class of Risks -I, II or III based on security features
·Good Feature Discount on Section 1 premium
·CCTV/Exclusive Strong room, Alarm System/Armed guard -(24 hours)
·Discount on Section 1 premium for 3 claims free years of insurance

Documents Required in Case Of Claims
·Immediate intimation
·FIR issued by police
·Supporting Documents to be furnished promptly to surveyors
·Final Police Report